Maison Persienne is an eco-friendly brand with a serious commitment to the Slow Fashion movement. Slow fashion is an alternative to fast fashion, claiming quality manufacturing, conscious buying and companies' transparency.

Still, I sometimes feel like the Slow Fashion philosophy is a little blurry. Saying "we're a sustainable brand" is not enough: I want to explain every single details of how we make our collections.

So first of all, I draw the fashion designs with a pen and some paper and I pin my fabrics samples to them. Then, my very talented model maker, Christine, creates the patterns out of my designs. She uses a software named Vetigraph and she prints a prototype pattern. After that, we produce test pieces of clothing, we do the fittings, we make modifications on the model and on the pattern. When we have the final version of the pattern, we print it. All sizes are included, so it's one printing for each model.

The production requires cutting tables, sewing machines (sewing threads, bobbin and so on) and irons. Our Atelier is located in Paris. Everything we create is made in Paris.

SO FAR WE USE ZERO PLASTIC and our only waste is paper that we recycle (in the French yellow bin that I'm sure y'all know about). 

Regarding the fabrics, I often go to the Marché Saint-Pierre in the 18ème arrondissement to find some inspiring fabrics. I try to buy European fabrics for environmental reasons, but if I can't find anything European that I like, I choose among "end-of-roll" fabrics, those are the ones that are not produced anymore, or at least not bought by the store again. Some of those dead stock fabrics are synthetic materials that are made out of plastic. I have few other places where I buy fabrics, always on the same basis and in accordance to the same principles.  

According to these principles, we have a very limited fabric waste, on the one hand there are scraps of fabrics (small pieces) that I keep in my office until I find something fun to do with them, and on the other hand of course there are the tiny tiny ones that are thrown away.

In the same vein, these principles highlight our very limited stock philosophy. We cannot produce many pieces as we depend on the quantity of fabric we have/find and when an item is a best-seller we cannot restock it on demand.

Actually I genuinely think that it's how it always should be, putting limits to mass-production and mass-consumption is one of the most important ways to preserve the environment. And conscious buying might make people more happy with clothes that last longer and that haven't travelled more than the human being wearing it.

Of course all the members of the team Maison Persienne are grown-ups, rightfully paid in accordance with French social values.

The collections are kept in a closet, on hangers or folded, until they're sold. As we are an online brand, shipment is our final step. Products are shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and sent away to your homes. And that's where you enter the chain.



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